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At Lawyer Advice, we look for solutions that help everyone rather than just hear one side of the issue. Clearwater's family law attorney, Andrew Wieczorkowski, offers experienced legal counsel and advice covering a wide range of family law cases. We provide pragmatic, problem-solving methods to resolve various cases involving divorce, as well as fathers' and mothers' rights.

As lawyers, we focus on the larger issue, thereby allowing the smaller issues to fix themselves. In our legal experience, we have found that if you settle a large issue first, the small issues can solve themselves. Give us a call today to learn more. Problems that arise typically relate to an earlier situation. If you don't plan ahead and ignore some situations, there can be more problems that arise as a result. We provide very attentive responses to our clients' needs, and our motto as a law firm is to pinpoint potential problems and resolve them before they come up.

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  • Paternity

  • Property Division

  • Custody Visitation

  • Dependency

  • Grandparent rights

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