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At Lawyer Advice, we have a thorough understanding and experience with the strict statutes involving child custody. We provide our clients with specific direction involving communication between the parents and shielding the children as much as possible throughout the legal process. We help the parents recognize the needs of the children involved while establishing a workable time sharing or child visitation plan for the parents.

When deciding on time sharing and custody, factors about each parent are looked over by the judge. The Florida Statutes require the judge to evaluate child custody, now "timeshare" in light of 20 different factors. These factors affect the time sharing procedure.

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  • Good contact and relationship with the child

  • Good relationship with the other parent

  • Being supportive of the child in all manners

  • Encouraging the child and the other parent to have a good relationship

  • Geographic viability of the visitation schedule

Important deciding factors

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  • Parental responsibilities and parenting tasks

  • Moral fitness of the parents

  • Demonstrated capacity and disposition

  • Mental and physical health and fitness, community record, the time and intensity of relations, past actions, future plans

  • Any other factors the judge finds relevant

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